Homelessness, hitchhiking, panhandling, and homeless shelters!

Homelessness, hitchhiking, panhandling, and homeless shelters
Homelessness, hitchhiking, panhandling, homeless statistics, pictures, articles, shelters, soup kitchens, and feeding programs govern the issues for discussion here! Help eradicate poverty in America!


     Homelessness is defined as the condition of not having a permanent place to live, only recently perceived as a societal problem. Estimates of the number of homeless people in the U.S. in the early 1990s range from 2 to 3 million, and the problem exists in all major cities and a growing number of smaller communities. The causes range from large-scale deinstitutionalization of mentally ill people to disintegration of the social fabric in minority communities, drug and alcohol abuse, cutbacks in federal social welfare programs, job loss, and real estate speculation.

     The mission of Tedrico's Page is helping the homeless through links to online homelessness advocacy, social services, emergency shelter programs, and other human services! "How can I volunteer to help the homeless?", you ask! For the answer to this question, and others like this, you've arrived at the right page ..... Tedrico's Page!

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