"Shelters & Soup Kitchens are the primary topics of this page!" I figured, since I have only stayed in 11 shelters over 5 states and eaten in twice as many soup kitchens, I should add a means on this site for you, the viewers, to locate places in your city or region, feeding the homeless and offering overnite or long-term shelter stay! You will find in this segment, hunger facts, soup kitchen statistics & related headlines, and a map of the United States of America with links to online shelter & feeding organization web sites!

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Some U.S. Hunger Facts

  1. 30 Million Americans are affected by hunger
  2. One in five children go hungry part of every month
  3. Hunger effects:
    • how people perform at work
    • how children perform in school
    • how people view their communities and their lives
  4. More than enough food is wasted each year than is needed to feed all of our nation's hungry

Soup Kitchens: A U.S. Growth Industry

Charity organizations & volunteer workers usually serve the homeless inside Soup Kitchens nationwide!
Charity organizations & volunteer workers usually
serve the homeless inside Soup Kitchens nationwide!

If there has been one hallmark of American life over the past 10 years, it has been in the growth of soup kitchens and shelters everywhere in the big citys. Traditionally, soup kitchens have been pointed to as a sign of growing poverty among the very poor here, particularly those on welfare wages. Certainly, the "new" poverty is widespread and increasing visible everywhere.

According to the last census bureau report, the number of people living below the poverty line alone increased from 25 million in 1980 to 36.9 million. Since the 1970's, the minimum wage, in real dollars (after adjustment for inflation) has gone down nearly 22% A recent report issued in New York City claimed nearly one per-cent of the city's population had spent at least one night in a shelter over the course of a year. Similar figures were found in Philadelphia. All of this translates into huge numbers of homeless and destitute crowding the downtown areas of American cities.

Shelters & Soup Kitchens:
In The News

Food serving lines are usually extremely lengthy!
Food serving lines can at
times be extremely lengthy!

Sharing the harvest

Successful deer hunters are encouraged by the Pennsylvania Game Commission to participate in the "Hunters Sharing the Harvest" program, which channels donations of venison to local food banks, soup kitchens and needy families.

"Using a network of local volunteer coordinators and cooperating meat processors to distribute venison donated by hunters, HSH has helped to make a difference for needy families and individuals in our state," said Game Commission Executive Director Vern Ross.

During last year's meat collection period, hunters donated more than 83,000 pounds of venison to the program. To learn more about the program, visit the HSH Web site at www.sharedeer.org.

source Pittsburgh Post Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

West Ohio Food Bank assists hungry families in 11-county area

How many people go through their hectic days and suddenly realize their are famished: They forgot or were too busy to eat breakfast and lunch?

Everyone knows how terrible that feeling is: The person is irritable, unable to concentrate, tired, and he/she usually start consuming the first thing he/she can. What if the person could not eat, not just because he/she were too busy, rather because he/she were unable to provide the necessary food he/she and his/her family needed

Worldwide this is reality, not just a scenario. According to Bread for the World Institute's Web site www.bread.org:, more than 800 million people in the world go hungry. In developing countries six million children die each year, mostly from hunger-related causes. In the United States, 12 million children live in households who have to skip meals to make ends meet. Therefore, one in 10 households in the U.S. are living with hunger or at risk for hunger.

Locally, in the 11 counties served by the West Ohio Food Bank, there are over 45,000 people living in poverty. It is estimated that over 10 million pounds of food will be needed to serve those who are in need.

The West Ohio Food Bank has over 130 agencies such as food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, etc. About 50 percent are reporting new people asking for assistance. For some, it has been up to 45 percent increase over what they were serving last year, and several have even reported double the amount of people who need support.

The new need is attributed to job loss, reduction in hours, loss of senior investment income, and overall recession.

What is the West Ohio Food Bank? The Food Bank is a non-profit service organization dedicated to alleviating hunger in the West Ohio area by uniting the public and private sectors and raising awareness of hunger needs. The primary commitment to the 11 counties served is to find, rescue, and distribute good to hungry people through an efficient network of charities.

Many people are not aware there is a problem locally. You can help by volunteering at the West Ohio Food Bank or one of the agencies, making donations, or simply spreading the word about hunger.

For more information on the West Ohio Food Bank or how you can help, call Anna or Emily at (419) 222-7946.

source Sidney Daily News (Sidney, OH)

Food Pantries' and Soup Kitchens' Cupboards Growing Bare

Area food pantries and soup kitchens say their lines are growing, but their cupboards are growing bare. The need to feed is stretching resources beyond anything experienced in past years. The needy line up at an interfaith ministry in Buffalo. The monthly distribution of food almost didn't happen. Sister Rose Therese DiGregorio of Lovejoy Caregivers said, "Shelves are empty there, and they're empty here." Sister Rose DiGregorio tells us the pantry ran out of food because the demand has been so high, "This is the first time in 13 years that I had really realized that we had a shortage of food."

But Sister Rose asked, and the Food Bank of Western New York delivered. It was a close call for people like Frank Bittle, whose fixed income can't buy enough food. Lovejoy resident Frank Bittle said, "We live from month to month. So towards the end of the month if we didn't have this, who knows what we'd have." The demand for food is so great this year that the Food Bank of Western New York could end up distributing 13 million pounds. That's the most ever. The demand is up twenty percent from last year, and those most in need are the area's working poor.

Food Bank of Western New York Director Clem Eckert said, "These are people that are out there. They're working. They have part time jobs and they just don't make enough because there's just not enough jobs around in the area to accomodate their needs." Thirty thousand meals a year are served at the Durham-Memorial Soup Kitchen in Buffalo. But there's little left in the freezer these days. Reverend Richard Stewart's been charging thousands of dollars in food to his own credit card. He says feeding the needy is a day to day struggle.

Rev. Richard Stewart of Ame Zion Church said, "We expect to see even more people as more and more jobs leave Buffalo. We're expecting to see more and more people having the need for services such as ours." Thanksgiving is just over a month away, and already some agencies are worried they won't have enough resources to feed every person who wants a hot meal.

source WIVB-TV (Buffalo, NY)

Soup kitchen serves one million meals

MONCTON The Karing Kitchen in Moncton is about to serve its millionth meal to a needy Moncton resident, marking two decades of feeding the hungry.

Pat McCarthy has been eating here for six years because her monthly income can't fill her fridge. She brings in $485 in income assistance, and most of her cheque goes toward room and board.

"You can eat one good meal at home maybe a lunch but you need at least two good meals a day to stay healthy. So, I come here," she says.

Kitchen volunteer Steve Daley says he's been serving meals for more than a decade, and as the city grows, more hungry people are joining the lineup for meals. "I've seen demand yes really growing yes. It's greater everyday."

Two years ago, the Karing Kitchen annually served nearly 80,000 meals. Last year, that figure jumped to more than 92,000. The demand keeps growing.

"Our numbers are way up from last year. And the year before," says Phyllis Perry, kitchen supervisor.

Every day, staff counts the number of plates served,and by their calculation, the kitchen is about to reach a bittersweet milestone. In the next 24 hours it will serve up its one millionth meal.

Perry never expected to see that when she became supervisor 13 years ago."It's kind of a sad thing that it has to be. But it's good that people can come to a place like this and get a full course of meal. But it's very sad."

source Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Toronto, Ontario)

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